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This is for the entrepreneurs and business owners out there.  I bet in at least some small ways this applies to everyone and to others it applies in a very big and real way.  So read it.  See what you get from it.

Before I begin, I just want to say that  I just turned the baseball game off so I would have some quiet to write.  You know it’s serious now.

I’m alone and it’s quiet, I’ve got a nice big glass of water.  I’m in standard writing position – legs crossed, hair up and fingers flying over the keyboard.

The topic that has inspired shutting off the game and getting into writing position?  Commitment. Dedication.  Follow through.  Persistence.

Let me ask you this, how often do you hear people grumble and groan about how much money athletes make?  Often, right?

But let me ask you this – how many of those professional athletes “don’t feel like” working out so they don’t?  How many of them “don’t like” exercise so they don’t do it?  How many grumble and complain and say they will get to practice “later”?

I’ll tell you, not many.  Not if they want to stay in the league and get real results.  So yeah, they make a lot of money.  And yeah, they play a game for a living.  But they also have commitment, dedication, follow through and persistence!

If you expect to make it big, why don’t you expect to put the effort in?

Trust me, I get it.  It’s tiring being an entrepreneur or a business owner.  There are distractions and constant demands on your time.  You won’t have enough time or money or resources so you’ll get frustrated and at times it will effect what you put into your business. There are things you don’t like and things you don’t feel like doing, and definitely things that you will get to “later”.    And you know what?  Your results will reflect that.

I get it, you don’t like Facebook and you don’t understand Twitter and you think there is no way that Instagram could possibly help YOUR business.  I hear ya, content is hard to write and you have hundreds of products so there is no way you write unique product descriptions.  I understand, SEO is annoying because Google always changes the rules.

I also understand why you have no results.

If you know me, you know I’m sweet Jenn. I smile and use lame attempts at jokes to make other people smile. I’m helpful and supportive. I am sometimes shy and have been known to hide behind my hair at times.

I’m short and sweet and I don’t go off on people.  Except when I do.

I am here every single day helping business owners grow their business.  I write content, host webinars, offer consultations and more in support of your efforts.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no saint, I get paid for my work.  But I also go above and beyond to help because I know what it’s like to feel like your hands are tied and you are lost with no support or help.  So I offer that support and help by way of content to guide and educate you and my time to answer emails and do consultations.

I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners and large corporations.  Across the board I see this lackadaisical attitude towards digital marketing.  People want the results but have a million and one reasons why they can’t do the work.

So why am I going off on you today?  For the same reason I mentioned above – I want to help you.  I want to educate you on every aspect of growing your business online and this is one of the biggest and most important lessons.

Growing your business is not about YOU.  Let me clarify what I mean:

It doesn’t matter what social networks you like.  It doesn’t matter what you feel like doing.  It doesn’t matter what you think looks or sounds good on your site.  It doesn’t matter if you understand why Instagram works.

Growing your business is about your audience.  Your potential clients.  So you need to be on the social networks they are on.  You need to do what you don’t feel like, if it means getting your audience what they want.  You have to design your site and content so your audience likes and responds to it.  You need to be on Instagram if your audience is.

When you do all that, guess what is about you?  The money in your bank account.

If you are ready to commit to doing what you don’t feel like and don’t understand, I am here to help and support.  Start with a free no obligation consultation or site & strategy review.