Woman. Copy writer. Digital Marketer. SEO Specialist. Conversion Rate Analyst. Social Media Strategist. Daughter. Aunt. Sister. Friend. Wife. Hockey Fan. Baseball Fan. Basketball Fan. Entrepreneur. Loyal. Dedicated.  Results Driven. Relentlessly Curious.

I love words. Every day I use words to paint pictures that compel people to feel and do.  I don’t do writers block. I can always write. Today though, today finding the right words to capture me is proving to be a challenge.

My work says more than my bio could ever say.  Explore it. But also know…

My passion for marketing comes from wanting to understand it all.  I have a burning desire to understand who people are and why they do what they do. I question everything.  I accumulate and assimilate knowledge and then use it to compel people to feel and do.  When I understand what they are afraid of and what they want and what motivates them, I am able to craft content that moves people to take action.

This skill has served me well in my 15+ year career in digital marketing.

I have a large collection of writing scattered all over the internet.  Here you will find a compilation of new and old.