Showin’ The Love

Just some of the love I’ve received:

“Hi Jennifer: I’m a career SEO guy and I just want to say that I appreciate the job you do with this newsletter. It’s one of the very few I actually read since I know (from experience) that it’s credible. Thanks & Best Regards” – Jeff Rooz

“I can vouch that Jennifer is the very best at what she does. She knows SEO and she is a true professional. Very valuable” – Mark D. Graham

“Jennifer Horowitz helped me better understand SEO and answered a ton of questions. She helped me set up a Blog and trained me on the best way to use it. Jennifer also helped me set up a Face book fan page.” – Daniel Louallen –

“We have enrolled our team on the SEO Profit Academy and it has been instrumental in developing a sound strategy and daily tactics in our social media campaigns.”   Kris Lopez

“I joined EcomBuffet’s membership. Jenn, who runs the group, is great – extremely knowledgeable and very professional. I’m getting a lot from the membership and I highly recommend it” – Sue Anne Dunlevie

“I was reluctant to join any program but it’s already worth every penny after just one call”  – Max Ortiz

Webinar was excellent, best and most informative I have seen.”  – Mike Sharpe, U.K.
 “Loving this #SEO webinar hosted by @EcomBuffet! Great opportunity to learn from one of the best.” – Alissa M. Trumbull @AnOrchidInBloom  (saw this tweet during a Webinar I hosted)

“Until late last year, I have been following Jenn’s online advice to improve my websites. Then I realized that if she is sharing all of this helpful knowledge with me, imagine what she can do if I hired her to optimize my site. Since we went live a few weeks ago, I have had more calls that converted to clients than ever before! My site is clean, professional and efficient at informing readers and reinforcing my credentials. The best part, however, is working with her on my projects. I had so much fun putting my professional website and Facebook page together, that I decided to do the same for my family-owned business. I can’t wait to hear that their phone is ringing off the hook like mine is.”  – Linda Mitchell