Tips To Sell More

salesWhen you think of making a sales call, do you cringe just a little?

Not everyone is comfortable selling, in fact most people downright hate it and would rate themselves “very bad” at it.  As a business owner, you gotta do what you gotta do.  Asking for the sale is just one of those things.  You have to learn how to.

I have a natural ability that gets me results in spite of no formal sales training and don’t think I’ve ever even read a book on it.  My colleague Matt Foster always says “Jenn you could sell ice to eskimos”.  While a bit cliché, I appreciate the praise.

I am good at it because I am authentic and because I also aim to educate and offer value.  I don’t do the hard sell and I don’t ask for the sale before I’ve proven my expertise and built some trust.  It’s primarily the authenticity though – people can tell I love what I do and there are even moments when I hear my voice “light up” because I get excited talking about strategy and what I can do for a client.

So my number one tip is be authentic.  Don’t create a persona, don’t try to imitate someone else.  Just be real.

My second piece of advice is believe in what you are offering.  I mean you can push anything you want, but it’s a hell of a lot easier if you actually believe in what you are selling.

When I talk to biz owners and even sales people, I often hear some hesitation.  Let’s face it, sales people have a bit of a bad rep and many people are uncomfortable with the idea of selling.  I get it, no one wants to be “that guy” – the one that hounds you and tries every slimy trick he can think of to get you to buy from him.  That guy sucks.  But you aren’t that guy.  You are selling something you believe in. Something that is a real solution for your customers.  Something that will solve their problems.  So don’t beat yourself up for selling – just find a way to do it that works and is also true to your personality and beliefs.

Another big mistake, both in sales and copy writing is the focus on features and not benefits.  People don’t buy based on logic – they buy based on emotion and justify later with logic.  You need to lead with benefits – things that will get them to really buy into your product/service as the solution to their problems.

When you are talking to your prospective client, find out where they are at and where they need to be in order to feel comfortable making a purchase.  Your goal is to focus on that gap and fill it in with details and information that addresses their concerns and objections.  You need to bring them to the finish line.

Whenever possible, help them realize what they are buying isn’t a cost but rather an investment that will give them a return.

Try taking an educational or consultative approach, they will trust and respect you more if you are acting as their advisor and not as someone peddling their wares.

Vary your message and approach and learn what works best.

Let others do the selling for you – you case studies and testimonials so people can see the real results.

Brian Tracy, Marlon Sanders and Lisa Sasevich are all great resources for tips and information on how to ell.

Lastly, remember: “There is only one way to get anybody do anything – that is by making the other person want to do it.”  -Dale Carnegie