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I created this little site during a time of transition in my life. I sold my business, I ran the new entity that my business evolved into and then I walked away. I moved back home to Toronto and I separated from my husband. I was recovering from an illness that I struggled with for 8+ years. It was a whirlwind of change that took my breath away daily.

While timid in the first steps I took back then, I dove into learning and growing, trusting in myself to create the next phase of my life.

To be honest, it was hard. Damn hard. I adopted anthems, rocking out to the music that felt like it was written just for me. I talked for hours. I took every opportunity that came my way, I was hungry to explore and experience.

Family, friends, colleagues coupled with my own determination to thrive got me through. During that time, I abandoned this little site. I was focused on learning and growing and experiencing and I kept all my words to myself during that time.

The time has come to start opening up again and sharing the knowledge and experience and skills that I worked so hard to hone.

Check out my latest report: Digital Marketing Trends for now – and check back often as I reveal what I learned and how it can help you.

Let me end by saying I am full of excitement, I have such passion for my work, and I am deeply grateful for everyone and everything that brought me to where I am today.