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magneticDo you have a brand story?  Is it magnetic?

Your brand story is the heart of your messaging. The heart of your company.  If we have to get all touchy feely anywhere, it’s here.

People may remember a logo but they don’t connect with a logo.  They connect with the story of the company – what the mission is, what the company stands for.  Your brand should move people and intrigue them.  It should be memorable and attract clients.  The narrative should be consistent and authentic and constantly reinforce the values of the company and the value that the company brings to the consumer.  (Check out my LinkedIn for a recent article on Branding if you need a primer on the basics of Branding)

You have two tasks here – develop and convey your brand story.  Today we are exploring how to develop your brand story.

What makes up your brand story?

  • The Words: Company name, Tagline, Product/Services names, Product/Service Descriptions, About Page, Corporate Brochures
  • The Heart: The mission statement, the vision, the community involvement, the core values of the company, the value proposition
  • The Experience: This where you have to be sure you are doing a good job – the customer experience is part of the brand story and you can’t keep an angry customer quiet. Their experiences contribute to the story and it’s so important that this part be positive.

There needs to be consistency between all of these elements – they need to support and bolster each other and work cumulatively to create a brand story that is memorable, positive and compelling.

Most companies, especially smaller businesses have never sat down and done a full review of all of these components.  I’d like to do a complimentary Brand Assessment for one company and publish it as an example.  If you are interested – please request yours now!  You will receive a full written report, assessing your brand story along with suggestions for improvement in the areas you are weak.