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content-creation-tipsSo here it is.  The truth about how I approach Blogging and why I get such great results.

Yes, I have an editorial calendar and I use it to guide me in topics and keyword focus and it helps me not miss out on seasonal or pop culture events etc.  But I always give myself the freedom to just go where inspiration takes me.  All of my Blog posts are genuine, they are filled with all my “Jenn-isms” and I don’t apologize for that.  My readers know what to expect from me and they like that I keep it real.

So, authenticity – check! Very important.  But what’s even more important?  What is the secret to my success?

I ALWAYS strive to provide major value to my readers. I don’t create teasers and hide the good info.  I don’t play coy and hint at strategies and then leave you hanging.  I lay it all out there.  I share the what and how and when but I also always strive to provide the WHY.  Knowing why you should do something helps you better grasp the concept and continue to apply it to your marketing going forward.

Another truth – I don’t want casual readers. I want readers that can’t get enough of my content.  I want people excited to read the next thing I share.

For over 10 years now, my mailing list showers me in love when I send content out.  I get praised for my thoughts and my ideas and  my friendly tone.  I am not bragging, honestly I am not.  I am sharing it because I appreciate it and value it and feel so lucky that I have this following that wants to hear what I have to say.  That pushes me to want to give even more.

Sseo-quality-guidelineso, quick summary – always be authentic – real is better than perfect.  Always add value – without it you have nothing to keep people coming back.  Don’t be afraid to keep it light and conversational – show some personality so it isn’t a dry read.

Add some images to keep it visually appealing.

Once you are sure you’ve got some really good content – some EPIC content – simply submit your blog post to Weekly Link Roundups.

A weekly Roundup is where blogger’s post their favorite links and articles each week in what’s called a Link Roundup.

You start by finding Link roundups within your market.

Simply type in the following search queries on Google:

“Daily Link Roundup”
“Weekly Link Roundup”
“Monday Link Roundup”
“Friday Link Roundup”
“Link Roundup”

If you want to find blogs that are specifically related to your market, then you can add a modifier.

Something like:

“Weekly Link Roundup” + marketing
“Weekly Link Roundup” + moms
“Weekly Link Roundup” + parenting

You can also use these same queries on sites like Google Plus or Twitter Search.  This will give you a list of related blogs that do weekly link roundups.

Once you’ve found a related Blog that does link roundups you can then contact the Blog owner and send them a link to your latest post.

If you’ve published truly great content, then there’s a very good chance that they will link to you in their weekly link roundup.

Tons more ideas on how to create great Blog posts and get exposure for them.  Get to work on this idea and I’ll be back soon with more!