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Marketing in 2019

Digital Marketing in 2019 is HARD!

Every day I talk to business owners – fighting the good fight – for their share of a very crowded and noisy marketplace.

Learning to leverage your assets to cut through that noise is crucial to reaching the right audience and engaging them.

You may not realize it but I just said something very different than what most marketers are saying right now.

Leveraging your assets is the key differentiator in this conversation. Let me explain.

Most businesses can’t tap into all of the cash, resources and time to do everything they should in their digital marketing. That’s reality. And you know what? That’s ok!

My goal is to audit your strengths and weaknesses and give you an immediate action plan, that leverages your strengths and your current assets to grow your business.

I don’t want to you to blow the budget and adopt every new technology and jump on every trending strategy.

Right now, I want you to see what growth you create simply by:

  • taking what’s already working and making it work a little better
  • leveraging tools, assets and resources that you already have
  • following a simple list of actionable items related specifically to your business

I want you to see the actions you can take to make positive changes to your online presence immediately.

I have been in the Digital Marketing industry for 20+ years. I want to offer my depth and breadth of knowledge to help you create some real growth in your business.

For a very limited time I am offering an Audit of your SEO, Social Media, Branding and General Marketing, along with a list of action items you can take immediately to better your marketing foundation and results.

This is no marketing gimmick, I’ll give it to you straight. I am offering this Audit for $200 (USD) for a very limited time, simply because there are so many businesses that don’t have a budget and they feel lost, flailing in the digital marketing winds of change. I have the information you need and the only thing standing in your way is cash flow.

I’ve been there. And I want to help!

Here’s the deal:

  1. Fill out the form to let me know you are ready to get going with your audit.
  2. I’ll contact you to collect payment.
  3. I’ll send you a simple one page questionnaire to gather some background information.
  4. Within 7 days, your audit will be delivered to you in PDF format.

I guarantee:

  1. I will personally complete the Audit, it is not some automated review tool.
  2. Any and all information collected during this Audit will be held in confidence.
  3. Your report will be 100% customized to your site, social media, branding and marketing. There is no cookie cutter formula or report.
  4. In addition to a review of each component with  notes on the strengths and weaknesses, there will a specific and detailed action plan for you to follow to create improvement in each area I audit.
  5. You will also receive 15 minutes of telephone time with me, to review your audit and go over any questions you have.

If you are serious about increasing traffic, leads and sales and you are a small to medium business that is struggling with digital marketing – this Audit was designed for you.

Request Your Audit Now


Email me: Jenn @

Looking forward to getting your Audit started!