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About Jenn

IMG_4936 (2)Here are my ramblings and thoughts as they relate to my career, my knowledge and my skills.

I’ve helped clients increase sales by 300% and triple conversion rates. I’ve designed and written landing pages that have converted at 68%.  I am proud of these accomplishments and so many others.

Now, a brief look back in time…

In a moment of self discovery, I found that I was able to string words together to create vivid calvin-writingimages and evoke feelings.  I also had a techie side, a side that wanted to explore this exploding internet.  I wanted to contribute to it.  I wanted to design and give people a home online to promote themselves.

Since then, I’ve spent 20+ years marketing online.  I’ve done SEO and Social Media, I’m a copy writer and I excel at split testing and conversion rate optimization. I’ve done web design.  I’ve designed and executed ad campaigns (my passion!).  I’ve gotten my hands dirty in it all.  I’ve done Branding – building a brand and the story behind it allows me to use all of technical and creative skills.  I am an architect of online business.  I create growth strategies and successfully execute them.

In the middle of my career I battled some debilitating pain and illness.  I recovered from 4 surgeries to reclaim my health and my life.  Once you’ve been sick, you gain a perspective that causes you to value different things.  I wanted to redefine my identity. I was ready to be healthy Jenn.  To be strong Jenn.  To be “get shit done” Jenn.

Now what excites me is trailblazing.  Taking my foundation of knowledge about marketing and the psychology behind it and using it to create innovative and exciting new campaigns.

Data drives me,  I love me a hot cup of tea and some major data analysis.  But then I also love to kick my shoes off, cross my legs in my chair, put my hair up and let the creativity flow.  Oddly, when in data analysis mode, I let my hair down.  But when creativity strikes, I pull it up.  I don’t want the distraction of my hair in my face.

My focus is always on results based marketing. The data has to show measurable successes.

In my career, I have

  • Written hundreds of Blogs and articles, featured in major industry sites
  • Implemented Lead Scoring
  • Created Nurture Campaigns
  • Authored an SEO and marketing book
  • Created and executed all in-house marketing campaigns, resulting in 67% conversion rates on lead generation pages
  • Decreased cost per click to lower than industry standards, increased CTR significantly and generated countless leads via Paid Social Ads
  • Crafted Marketing Strategies, inclusive of Personas and Customer Journey Maps
  • Pioneered small business training program offering mentoring in SEO and Social Media, adding new revenue stream to business and so much more
  • Cultivated a team of motivated, inspired people – creating an atmosphere where we all learn, grow and care about our work and each other
  • Mentored interns
  • Built life long friendships

For more information, please contact me at jenn @

Available for:

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Consulting Work
  • Lead Generation
  • Demand Generation