Every single day I see companies losing money to lost opportunity, ineffective websites, no data analysis and more. Did you know we have the knowledge and tools to change that?

Over 15 years ago one of my most popular articles was based on the concept that in spite of the movie that got everyone believing otherwise,  “If You Build It They Won’t Come”  People didn’t know how to get traffic to their sites.  Throwing a site up wasn’t enough but they were stumped and didn’t know what came next.  A strong push to educate biz owners and a collective epiphany among the masses helped change that.  It’s time for another epiphany my friends. We are at a crossroads now.  If we stay on the same path, I see stagnation in your growth.  It’s time to evolve and take a new path.  It’s time to step back and create powerful, effective strategies.  It’s time to consider all facets of digital marketing.  It’s time to increase your ROI.

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